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Annette Atkins (FL) "I was under so much stress... because I lost my mother in March... that I began to have so many bald spots in my hair. I just didn't know what to do. My friend offered me the S&H (Protein Treatment) to use ... and now it's growing back so much until I am overjoyed... that I have hair now... Now I'm a Rep myself!"

Linda Evans (IN) "Jan Tucker, my beauty operator applied Ek'Selant to my previously chemically treated hair, and I am quite thrilled with the condition, feel and appearance of my hair. My hair looks healthier."!"

Midge Johnson (MD) "I have been using the Carver-Curtis Hair Care Products for approximately nine years which means that my hair has been chemical free all that time. I use the Sage and Sulphur hair and scalp conditioner 2 - 3 times a week which causes me to have to get my hair cut during my bi-weekly visits to the beautician. The beautician only uses the Carver-Curtis products and my hair is very healthy."

Carver-Curtis Reconstructive Hair Care Products

Provide you with the following benefits:

1. Reconstructing damaged hair and eliminating breakage

2. Conditioning and strengthening for soft, shiny hair that is full of body and bounce

3. Protecting hair from the heat of thermal styling and blow drying

4. Promoting the growth of healthy hair

5. Stopping dryness associated with use of chemicals

6. Adding sheen to hair and give it body and bounce

7. Ridding scalp of dandruff problems

8. Detangling and moisturizing.

Carver-Curtis Hair Products

ROLL AND SET - A quick set styling crème for pressed and chemically treated hair

SAGE AND SULPHUR - Aids in growing hair. Over-comes dryness of scalp. Retards dandruff. Overcomes itchy scalps. Provides healthy sheen

S&H SCALP CONDITIONER - Reconditions the scalp. Overcomes flaking and dryness associated with the use of chemicals

PRESSING OIL - For use with heated irons. Gives a soft gloss to all grades of hair.

ALL PURPOSE SHAMPOO - A quality shampoo for general use. It thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp without removing natural oil from the scalp and hair.

DANDRUFF TREATMENT - A treatment to combat germs and rid the scalp of dandruff problems. This treatment is not a shampoo and should be used before shampooing. Corrects dandruff problem in three treatments.

PROTECTO - A product designed to assist in resolving breakage, dry scalp, and damaged and dry brittle ends. For TINTED, WHITE and GRAY hair.

STYLING WAX - Excellent for giving strength to curls. Can be used to hold spiral curls and protect hair when crimping. Acts as a water repellent in humid weather.

SOFT & SILKY - Hair care for natural styles. Stops breakage. Removes tangles. Non-greasy, leave-in moisturizing hair conditioner.

S&H PROTEIN TREATMENT - A multiple use product. Designed to assist in stopping split ends and may be used as facial moisturizer; for stopping dry skin on knees, feet and elbows.

WELL-SKIN - A premium oil for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and dry skin. Restores skin to normal condition.

OIL JOLI - A facial and body cleanser. Removes unwanted spots from face and body.


THE CARVER-CURTIS NON-CHEMICAL RECONSTRUCTIVE HAIR CARE SYSTEM which has been tested, proven & used for over 20 years, created from the peanut oil technology of Dr. George Washington Carver & Dr. A. W. Curtis. The system includes the thermal lotion which is used to promote the non-chemical straightening of the hair follicle, a Low-PH shampoo, and an oil sheen. (Scalp conditioner available).

The Reconstructive Hair Care System works on all types of hair:


Virgin hair

Curls to straight

Color treated hair

Chemically relaxed hair

Children’s hair

Cancer patients' hair

The Reconstructive Hair Care System facilitates the following:

Makes hair moisture resistant

Prevents coating of hair

Keeps cuticles sealed

Provides safe method for customers on medication


Natural Health Options, Inc. guarantees complete satisfaction with all Carver-Curtis Products or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

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